Lost Irish No. 1 – Where are they now!

Our extensive team of crack investigators used unusual methods such as ‘google’ and ‘wikipedia’ to track down the elusive Jimi Shields, and here’s what they found.

After leaving Rollerskate Skinny in ’94, he returned to the town where he was born, Chicago. While there he formed Lotus Crown with former Mercury Rev guitarist Paul Dillon. They actually weren’t that bad, but for whatever reason, didn’t get much attention, and only released one album – ‘Chokin’ on the Jokes’ in ’97.

After that, he played with his brother Kevin on some sessions which have never found the light of day! His next big adventure was ‘Wounded Knees’ with another member of Mercury Rev, Suzanne Thorpe (flute). they released one EP ‘All Rise’ in 2006.

Since then he seems to have given up on music, sadly, and has started a business with his wife in Landscape architecture and garden design! The company’s name is thirtythreetrees, who seem an interesting enough and have worked on a variety of building/ gardens around Ireland. The only ones I know are the G hotel and the Northbrook Hotel. The bio on their web site sadly doesn’t mention his previous career.

Music’s loss in Landscape Gardening’s gain!

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    • That’s daft in the extreme! He’s taking a night off from the garden then.

      I like to think we inspired him to start his music career again. I’ll have to go to it now!

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