Trashcan Sinatras Session

I must admit to being quite nerdy about the Trashcan’s,which is a little odd as they are a bands that no one really seems to care about! They’re on tour in the states at the moment, in another attempt to try and get some recognition over there. At this stage, it seems unlikely, but they are still producing some lovely music and are a great live band.

It’s an acoustic tour with four band members, where the fans get to vote for the songs on the set list, and all horn players in the audience are welcome to bring along their instrument and join in! Here’s a recent interview with all the details.

They just recorded this lovely acoustic session with KDHX of St. Louis. Here’s hoping they tour Ireland at the end of their tour of the states!

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  1. Lovely stuff. They really are a great band, and it’s a shame that they get so completely ignored. Their cover of ‘To Sir With Love’ should have gotten them some notice, but sadly not to be…

  2. Yeah, they are a great band, and just really good at what they do. Hard to believe they never made it, but I guess they were just never in the right place at the right time, which is about the only explanation.

    They release as good pop music as there is going!

  3. Thanks for this. One of the greatest bands of yore, didn’t realise that they were still on the go.
    Saw them in the Mean Fiddler (I think) many moons ago.

    • It never ceases to amaze me that they never made it! I may have been at that gig in the mean fiddler, they are fantastic live.

      I contacted them on facebook to nag them to come over here, and they said they’d come if I’d organise it. Now all we need is another couple of hundred like minded people, and we can get them to come!

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