Election special

It’s amazing what politicians will do for votes. It’s also amazing what they think will make us vote for them! Just heard a piece on RTE about campaign songs, and had to put it up, as they’re just too good.

First up, the Enda Kenny computer game (ok, its not a song, but it still counts!). Help Enda collect votes and parts of his five point plan, and avoid evil politicians such as Eamon Gilmore and John Gormley.

Mattie McGrath, our guy, your guy, Mattie McGrath. You can’t hold back the man in the van. Ahem, it’s hard to express just how bad this is, I wonder do the people of Tipperary South agree. He has a new version of it also, where he’s taken out all references to Fina Fail, as he’s now an independent!

I kind of like the anti muppet candidate, Anne Cronin, who is running in Clare. See the average day in the life of a politician.

Vote Gino Kenny, number oooooooonnnnnneeeee. Put a radical voice in the Dail. Stop the bus cuts. Do you need a house, Ireland has thousands of them, waiting.

Thanks to Mister Kelleher for this one, it really gives the feeling of professionalism, that you’d want in a TD. Ok, he says posters are not his thing as part of his web site. He does give us his mobile phone number, if you want to discuss policy with him! He seems a nice guy actually, his campaign video is very entertaining, and helped by his two year old Sam tellling him to shut up about five minutes in!

I also have to give a special mention to John Keigher, who put his campaign leaflet through my letter box. It was a photocopied A4 sheet, which was made with a type writer and markers. I know it was a type writer, as the letter  ‘a’ was slightly lower than the rest of the keys. He’s about half way down this list here. I’m sure he could have found a better photo of himself if he really tried!

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