Movies – 04-02-11

This week sees the release of Brighton Rock, which I was looking forward to. Unfortunately the reviews are mixed at best, with most saying the 1947 version was better! It is based on the Graham Green novel, and has names such as John Hurt and Helen Mirren in the cast list. The director Rowan Joffe is mostly known for his screen plays though, so maybe that has something to do with it!

The Fighter is probably the big release this week, and again it doesn’t set the world alight, with some good, some average reviews. It was dierected by David O Russell, who has had an unusual career, starting with ‘Spanking the Monkey’ and the underrated ‘I heart Huckabees’. This seems a change in direction for him, from his usual quirky off beat world.

Other releases see James Cammeron try to use his name to sell something called the Sanctum, which I know nothing about, but am pretty sure is best avoided. The Rabbit hole is this years attempt by Nicole Kidman to win an oscar, and is about a couple grieving the loss of their child.

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