The Best Music of 2010 – JR

There’s not a lot you can say to preface these lists. Basically, this is the new music that flipped my wig in 2010. Big thanks to Morgan who really kept the show on the road here and kept the good stuff coming all year long. Ok so, here goes – Top 10 albums below (in no particular order with a track from each) and then some honorable mentions below that:

Beach House, Teen Dream

Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Sun Kill Moon, Admiral Fell Promises

The Tallest Man on Earth, The Wild Hunt

Girls, Broken Dreams Club

Vampire Weekend, Contra

How to Dress Well, Love Remains

Twin Shadow, Forget

Four Tet, There is Love in You

C418, Music for Minecraft

Honourable Mentions

Delorean, Subiza
Gold Panda, Lucky Shiner
Lullatone, Looping Lullabies
Beat Connection, Surf Noir EP
LCD Soundsystem, This is Happening
No Age, Everything in Between

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  1. Ah, first off, I thought I had published mine at lunch, and for some reason hadn’t! hmm.

    only two albums overlap on the top ten, which is much less than exepcted. I think you’re taking the ‘new’ albums thing though, would the national/ arcade have made it if it was just the best of year albums?

    • As you say, 2 overlaps in the top ten and I count 4 overlaps when the honorable mentions are included! I think in terms of the National and Arcade Fire, I had kinda got a bit jaded with them or something!

  2. I think I need to listen to twin shadow without seeing that guy, its such a dodgy tash, i can’t take him seriously!

  3. yeah, but only two in ten is a bit of a surprise really. Would have said four or five easy. I know what you’re saying about Arcade, they’re not doing anything particularly new. The National I have a big soft spot for though, so had to include them!

    Twin Shadow looks a little bit like Prince’s dodgy tash days during the 80’s.

  4. Oh, by the way, you’re a complete pussy for not picking places. I demand at least a top five in order. Get on it!

  5. Hmm, I forgot to mention Kanye West, he’s always at least interesting, so yes, good shout. I haven’t heard C418, but will check them out in due course.

    Did Twin Shadow just to that for Movember, or is it a genuine tash? Horrific if he means it, bloody hipster.

    I nearly had No Age in too, but saw them at (the really awful) Field Day, and they just didn’t make sense to me live, which has put me off the album. That’s probably stupid on my part, but there we go.

    I agree on Arcade Fire, it all seems a little bit jaded, and I get a bit less interested each time.

    Any nominations for best and worst live act you’ve seen this year? My best would take some thinging, but worst is The Dead C, whom I thought were truly awful.

  6. That was Ro above, for those confused! I’m begining to regret not listing Kanye, as it is a good album. It is a bit all over the place though, so that’s the reason it didn’t make mine. There’s some very funny bits in there though, and smart lyrics.
    Twin Shadow is just odd looking. It is a tough barrier to get through, but I guess the only reason I liked the Pixies so much is that I didn’t realise how fat and bald the lead singer was. I was quite tough to please as a teenager!
    No Age have never done it for me, i’ll have to say. Possibly because i’ve seen them live a few times, and they just shout a lot!
    Might do a ‘best gigs of 2010’ actually. I have a list of things I went to in work, so can dig it out. It is an odd thing to do though, as no one went to every gig. I guess they’re all subjective, these lists…The best gig of the year hasn’t happened yet though, les savy on new years! Will be the stuff of legends…

  7. it’s so true, i doubt John even listens to music, just says whatever Pitchfork says! i’ve noticed it for a while now…

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