Comic Piracy

Something I never really realised was a problem is downloading of comic books. After a quick look on all downloaders main tool, google, I realised just how easy it is!

Here’s some comments from Sandman artist Coleen Doran on the subject which i’m using without any permission from the artist!

“Like many artists, I’ve seen my sales figures chipped away as the print market shrinks due, in no small part, to rampant online piracy. Pirates draw traffic from my site, and cost me millions of hits annually, which cuts my advertising revenue. I am a middle class artist and farmer for whom a few thousand dollars a year in lost income means I can’t afford health insurance.

Creators and publishers can’t compete with free, and the frightening reality is that even free isn’t good enough. Pirates aggregate content in ways creators and legit publishers can’t.”

Her web site is here, if you feel sorry for her enough. I’m still of the age where i hate looking at a computer screen when I don’t have to, so I guess I’ll keep buying them!

She also uses the ‘Donate’ button, which I’m seeing on more and more artist sites. I guess it’s the way things will have to go, with a lot of artists relying on charity to keep doing what they do.

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