Only muck at the movies

The title says it all. Nothing decent released this week,  so i won’t dwell on it particularly long. ‘Unstoppable’ is a Tony Scott movie about a bomb on a train or some other such nonsense. How or why movies like this are made, I’ve no idea. Ok, I do, it’s to make money, and this one will be shown all around the world, and on planes and in other places where safe, boring movies are required.

The other release of the week is ‘The American’ which is a thriller directed by Anton Corbijn and staring George Clooney, and in most reviews I’ve seen, they mention that it has little or no plot. I guess a lot of the movies I really like could be said to be similar, but I doubt this is the case in this instance.

Since yesterday, my addiction to Don Hertzfeldt has only increased. He’s a 34 year old animator from California, who has been nominated for an academy award and a palme d’or, so he’s not exactly unknown. His three major works seem to be ‘Rejected’,  ‘the meaning of life’ and ‘Everything will be ok’. They’re all out there on the web (most things are), so have a look, and there’s also his web comics here. Billy’s Balloon is below, see what you think.

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