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Music for Computers #2

We were delighted to the response to our Music for Computers #1 post, which had over 4,000 hits, and 78 comments to date. It featured on the wordpress home page, which is the 14th biggest web site in the world, ahead of such sites as ebay and, which is pretty impressive.

We asked people if they’d recommend any other computer games with good music, and our valued new readers pushed us in different directions, and I’ve had a look at them, and included one of them below, with more to come. ccryder11 mentioned this one, Red Dead Redemption, a game based around the old west, with music to suit. It features such well known artists as Jose Gonzalez and Jamie Lidell, but the main incidental music that features throughout was composed and performed by Bill Elm and Woody Jackson. These names didn’t mean much to me, but having checked up on line, I discovered that Bill Elm is a member of ‘Friends of Dean Martinez’, a band that has featured most of Giant Sand and Calexico and one I’ve often listened to over the years.

I didn’t realise that computer games released original sound tracks, but obviously they do! I guess it makes sense when they are as good as this one is.

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