A Game of you – Dublin Theatre Festival

Dublin Theatre festival finished yesterday, and had lots of interesting work in it as ever.  ‘Playing the Dane’ by Pan Pan (where the audience gets to decide who will play Hamlet!), Phaedra by Rough Magic, a 7.5 hour long Polish play, based on the life of Andy Warhol called ‘The Factory 2’ were some of the highlights, among many others.

Possibly my favorite was ‘A Game of You’ by the Belgian company’ Ontroerend Goed’. A wonderful sequence of mirrors, in which you see yourself, and eventually see how others see you. It’s an interactive piece of theatre, which i won’t give away. Suffice to say that by the end of the experience, I realised that I was a Divorcee named Richard, who has two daughters who I spoil as I don’t see them often enough, I love horse riding, and work in Finance. This was all news to me!

See them if you can, they are touring most of the theatre festivals around europe, with their dates here. Here’s the trailer for ‘Internal’, the second play in the triolgy, including ‘a game of you’ mentioned above. It is based around speed dating and group theraphy, and possibly the scariest of the three depending on who you got!

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