Music for Babies #6



We’re now on our 6th installment of our Baby Music series. Again it’s Lullatone with some ambient lullabies. Thanks to Shawn from Lullatone for contacting No More WorkHorse and letting us know about this little gem of a record. In his own words:

“Yoshimi’s Little brother had a baby girl. We decided to record these super hypnotic renditions of classic lullabies for her. All of the tracks features womb sounds, white noise, scientific panning, and other effects to makes these the sleepiest tracks ever. All tracks are also seamlessly loop-able using the repeat one function in iTunes.”

It really is a beauty. You can listen on the Bandcamp link below and if you would like your own copy you can simply name your price.

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  1. I don’t know if you’ve mentioned it in any of the posts (I had a quick read-through) a few albums called “Rockabye Baby”. I personally think it’s the best thing for babies since boobies! It’s metal and hard rock and alternative music for babies. The artists sampled are the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and Metallica. I think it’s genius especially since both myself and the future daddy of my spawn are both metal/alternative fans.
    It’s worth a look. Whoever did them, did a bloody good job!

    • Never knew they existed! God, they are weird, like elevator music versions of indie albums. Listening to Jeremy by Pearl Jam at hte moment, with pan pipes and other nasty instruments! Thanks for the tip…

  2. My little lady loves Lullatone, and has developed quite the dace to several tracks (I’d nearly post this, though that seems really sad). Lovely stuff. She’s quite keen on Xela too, though that’s by no means music deliberately aimed at babies.

    Metal and hard rock for babies, that sounds like a complete winner!

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