Rat Girl

Ok, a few of you possibly knew about it for a long time, but no one told me! Kristin Hersh has written a biography, somehow finding the time between touring, being a member of many bands, and a mother of many kids!

You can buy it here, I’ve no idea what it’s like, but I always thought she was a lovely story teller, and I loved when she talked at her gigs, and told stories of her odd life! Whether she could hold it together for a full book is unlikely I guess, but you never know. I’m struggling to find it reviewed in any paper or magazine I’d respect, but there’s an interesting review here. It focuses on her 18th year, where she had just started in college, started a band and been diagnosed as bi-polar, so she had a lot going on!

Here’s a lovely version of Sundrops from ’94.

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  1. Damn that I couldn’t reply to this at the time; I have no internet at home ’till Tuesday. The same day that you published this, I received an email from Kristin Hersh’s website ( with links to radio interviews and her reading extracts from the book. She also published her latest album as a book, with links. It’s, frankly, not her best, but not her best is still pretty damn good.

    • sadly, her voice is kind of going at this stage. She doesn’t sound as sweet as she once did! Still, loved her early stuff, and she’s a bit of a legend. You ever read the book?

  2. Not Rat Girl, no, but I’ve read extracts. It looks good. It’s not just the voice, it feels less vital somehow.

    • There’s been a steady decline for a few years now really. There’s very few artist stay at a high level for a long time, only the likes of Tom Waits, Nick Cave etc really. Most people only have four or five good albums in them. max!

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