The Social Network

Is anything by Trent Reznor worth downloading, even if its free? I think I’d be in the ‘No’ camp on that question, but i know some people who differ on that, so I’ll let you decide for yourself.

He has been working with Atticus Ross on the soundtrack for the awful sounding movie ‘Social Network’ and its available for free here. If you’re in the ‘Yes’ camp, you’re probably all excited now. I wish I was in the ‘Yes’ camp. Sigh…

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  1. It will probably be rubbish but I’m kinda interested in seeing this movie as I think the Mr Zuckerberg story is only going to get bigger and more scary

  2. well, i think a lot of people said the same over myspace and all the other junk that went belly up. I’d be happy enough if facebook dies, i kind of hate it! Especially the way they own anything you put up on it!

    • I was seriously tempted to kill my account the other week. Its really starting to bug me, and there really must be a better way to stay in touch with friends that them posting stupid comments and me returning them.

      The one thing it is good for is photographs, and sharing them, but as said before, they then own the rights to them! I’ve no idea how this works, but seems to be true. I’m not sure how they’d ever use these, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to abuse this also.

      Hmm. To kill or not to kill my facebook account. That is the question…

  3. Well i can finally dispel the myth that Facebook is good for photographs. it’s not. use Picasa instead, hooked right into your gmail account, lovely interface and makes it really easy to share slideshows with people in your gmail contacts. also does an excellent job of organising your photos on your laptop (far better than iPhoto if you’re a Mac user)…

    ok, rant over 🙂

    • I use Picassa a good bit, and its pretty good, you can even mess around with light levels and that sort of thing!

      Ok, i think we’re agreed, facebook is crap, and we should all cancel our accounts! hmm, can’t see it happening…

    • yeah, it got four stars everywhere! i’ve been meaning to go to it, hopefully over the weekend. I’m still not convinced i want another trent reznor album, regardless of whether it is free or not!

  4. The whole soundtrack isn’t free anymore, methinks. The only thing I’ll say about the movie is: go alert. The dialogue is delivered with typical Aaron Sorkin helter-skelter pace, so you definitely need your wits about you.

    Be interested to hear your verdict.

    • just checked, and you’re right, its a five track sampler ep, so does that mean they’re not even giving you full songs? That’s very crap if that’s the case. Its only a fiver to buy it regardless, so not that bad. Will report back when i do see it!

    • just saw it, and did enjoy it. very simple story, a little bit strung out, a little bit style over substance, as with all fincher, but well acted and had lots of good things about it. not sure about justin timberlake, but he’ll probably win an oscar, for all i know.

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