Culture Night 2010

Culture night is next friday, and it has the usual bunch of odd things on throughout the city. Most places seem to just stay open late, which isn’t really that exciting when you think about it! I’ve gone through the web site, and tried to pick out the best of the rest. Nothing hugely exciting, but a few in music, art  and theatre below.

Musically its a mixed bag, and I’ve no idea how good any of these could be. There’s improv music in Pembroke street here. Sitar music and more at the Chester Beatty, and the National Chamber Choir at the Hugh Lane.

Very little happening in the theatre, which is pretty depressing. There was a good talk at the Gate last year, but nothing like that happening this year. There’s free tickets from the Abbey (30 for the Plough and 10 for B for Baby) on a first come first served basis, be there at 10.30 am and best of luck!

The visual arts have a few good things, Michael Kane in conversation at the Rubicon gallery (Stephen’s Green). Francis street is a centre for many galleries, such as the Zozimus, and also has the added bonus of a treasure hunt! Last year the full of francis street was closed off with food and wine served, and fireworks. Not sure its happening this year, but you never know. Nigel Rolfe is preforming in Green on Red gallery, you need to contact them for tickets and there’s a tented party with food at IMMA

Also, for an insight into just how dirty an artists studio can get, you can visit studios such as the  black church studio, Independent Studios, there’s a few more if you check the website also.

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