I was born for the stage

Dublin’s very own theatre festival takes place between Sept 30 and Oct 17, and looks to be another strong line up. Possibly the stand out shows this year include…John Gabriel Borkman with Alan Rickman and Fiona Shaw, but there is a lot of other events worth a look.

Druid have the Silver Tassie by O’Casey, which should be worth a look, as is everything Gary Hynes does, I think she remains the only female director to win a Tony award, so she’s a big hitter on these shores at least!

The Gate has four plays on, two by Beckett, and one by bother Pinter and Mamet, so you’d have to expect them to be of a good standard at least. Pan pan have a new play called The Rehearsal, playing the Dane. I saw an early version of it last year (it was one of the free events) and it looked like it was going to be great fun. Rough Magic have a version of Phaedra, which does sound interesting.

Otherwise, its pot luck, with a long list of international shows that mean very little to me! Can anyone shine a light on some of them? Any tips?

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