The curious tale of a Rocky

Just read a fascinating story in the irish times, about Rockefeller productions, the man who was bringing Grace Jones to the Wright venue, as mentioned here several weeks ago! Not sure what the exact story is, as no one really does, but it seems the Grace gigs, along with Marian Faithful, Ute Lemper, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe the Musical have all disappeared in a puff of smoke, with venues and artist being left high and dry.

Sounds like the guy who was organising it was a complete fantasist, or maybe he was trying to develop his own version of a pyramid scheme. It all started to come apart when the artists involved asked for their deposit, and when that never arrived, then the cancellations started, leaving ticketmaster and the grand canal theatre to mop up the mess, among others.

Amazing that someone with no background other than running a short lived organic food store could get so far as to book at least b-list celebrities, but that might be more an indication of how the market is going at the moment, that people wanted to believe it would happen!

Jim Carroll, the king of music bloggers, has all the details in the times.

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  1. I knew there was something Anglo/ NAMA about this entire venue and event. Incredible stuff

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