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  1. I think the move to stencilling can be funny, but actually de-skills graffiti somewhat. I always had a lot of respect for proper street art, and you do see some brilliant art around. The stencilling thing just seems a bit lazy, funny thought it can be.

    Tagging is generally a bit crap too, though it was funny to see ‘Fume’ on a tube last weekend, he was convicted of vandalism a couple of years ago and sentenced to prison, so I guess he’s out and active again, the fool.

  2. Yeah, the stencils have taken over really! I guess its hard to be able to get the time to do anything good, when you are committing a criminal offence! Still, it is nice to see freehand work. that dinosaur is all over Dublin now, and its kinda cool.

    Tagging is boring alright, and doesn’t look great. Someone did the bins in my apartment block!

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