Gigs will eat themselves.

A fun night at the villagers last night, and great to see them at number one in the album charts!

Out of the new additions to the list, Jens Lekman, Devandra Banhart, Beirut and Damien Jurado are the most interesting ones! what do you guys think? anything i missed? 

24/05/10            The Antlers                    Academy          Mon    

26/05/10            Brendan Perry               Tripod               Wed

30/05/10            Teenage Fanclub           Academy          Sunday

2/06/10             Sam Amidon                 Whelans           Wed

04/06/10            Band of Horses              Academy          Fri

10/06/10           Devnadra Banhart            Button Fact       Thurs

10/06/10            The Tallest Man             Whelans           Thurs

17/06/10            James Vincent McMorrow Whelans         Thurs

18/06/10            Turin Brakes                  Whelans           Friday

24/06/10            Stevie Wonder               O2                    Thurs

26/06/10            Middle East                   Sugar Club        Sat

29/06/10            Slash                            Vicar St            Tues

2/07/10             Mountain Man                Crawdaddy        Fri

04/07/10            Jesse Malin                   Academy 2        Sun

5/07/10             DJ Shadow                    Tripod               Mon

10/07/10            Tortoise                         Whelans           Sat

19/7/10             Kristin Hersh                 Whelans           Mon

28/29/07/10       Bonnie Prince Billy         Whelans           Wed/ Thurs

31/7/10             Leonard Cohen              Sligo (Road trip!)            Sat

1/08/10             Leonard Cohen              Sligo                 Sun

1/08/10             Jens Lekman                 Whelans           Sun

24/08/10            Beirut                            Tripod               Tues

24/08/10            Girls                             Academy          Tues

24/09/10            Damien Jurado               Whelans           Fri

26/09/10            Whale Watching II          NCH                 Sunday

1/10/10             Brendan Benson            Whelans           Fri

18/11/10            Spoon                           Academy          Thurs

22/11/10            Beach House                 Vicar                 Monday

8/11/10              Grant Lee Philips            Sugar Club        Mon

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