LCD Soundsystem, Brixton Academy April 23rd

Having feared that the London dates would suffer the same volcanic fate as the tour openers in Dublin, it was a relief that LCD chose to fly to Spain and drive their way to beautiful Brixton for their Friday and Saturday night gigs, bringing Yacht with them as support. The shows sold out quickly, so we ended up sitting in the Circle, where no standing is allowed, never mind dancing, but having never seen LCD before, this didn’t detract from the excitement.

Yacht took to the stage one by one under cover of a strobe, and bluntly that was as exciting as their 6 song set got. Fronted by the very tall pairing of Jonah Bechtholt and Claire L. Evans, the band were highly enthusiastic, and had clearly learned a lot from watching ‘Stop Making Sense’. I got the feeling throughout that they’d actually make a great dance band if they got rid of the vocals (or maybe worked out some catchier choruses) and just worked the backing tracks a bit more, but there we go. They do throw good shapes though.

LCD started their set seven man set with a keyboard-free version of Us v Them, thanks to a technical fault, but corrected this once they fault was fixed with, well, with a second rendition of Us v Them, this time complete with keyboards, and an apology for being lacklustre first time around (which they weren’t).

With a new album due out soon, you always fear that you’re going to get a set full of songs that nobody knows, which always makes the atmosphere flat, and kills the mood a bit. Not so with tonight, with Murphy acknowledging that he always hates it when bands do that, so this time around get a set that’s heavy on old material, and sprinkled with (I think) 4 new songs, all of which sound pretty good.

The band did exactly what you hoped they would, with the tempo and feel growing as the night wore on, getting the whole of the downstairs dancing, and the upstairs on their feel (security gave up trying to sit people down about four songs in).

The only surprise on the night was that we didn’t get ‘North American Scum’, but to complain would be churlish, the whole thing was great fun, with the closing ‘New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down’ being a perfectly judged low tempo end to the night.

They’ll be back, and next time they’ll be playing more new stuff. I just hope I get tickets for downstairs…

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  1. I’m still annoyed they didn’t swim to Dulbin! Gits! They are great live, did they bring the cow bell? New York i love you… is one of my favourite songs of theirs, it builds and builds! lucky sod. Hope they turn up in dublin soon, or that Ticketmaster confirm the Dublin gig is cancelled (i’m still waiting!).

  2. Hmm, that’s a pain, but he did say that they’d be adding another leg to the tour, at which point they’d be playing more of the new stuff. I figure it’ll be a year long tour for them, so shame though it is they aren’t playing Dublin soon, they’ll be back.

    They certainly had the cow bell with them, and mighty stuff it was too. We got ‘When Someone Good is Gone’ as well as ‘New York…’, which felt like a double treat. Yay to them!

  3. Eh, yes, he shouts, but it’s a very low tempo song relative to most of the set that they played, so was a relatively gentle end to the evening, without being a whimper.

    I think it was your fault that he didn’t play Dublin.

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