Dublin Gig Guide.

A lot depends on iceland not exploding, but this is a list of vaguely interesting gigs that are on over the next while. Feel free to add your own in the comments section, if I’ve missed anything.

22/04/10            Blood Red Shoes           Academy 2        Thurs

24/04/10            Dans Le Sac                 Whelans           Sat      

25/04/10            Efterklang                      Whelans           Sunday           

25/04/10            Dans Le Sac                 Whelans           Sunday             *

27/04/10            Josh Ritter                     Grand Canal      Tuesday            *

28/04/10            Rufus Wainwright           Royal Can         Wed

29/04/10            Mark Lanegan                Academy 2        Thurs

30/04/10            Surfer Blood                  Academy          Fri

01/05/10            Willard Grant Conspiracy            Whelans           Sat

02/05/10            Gil Scott Heron              Tripod               Sun

04/05/10            Pavement                      Tripod               Tuesday

05/05/10            High Places                   Upstairs            Wed

07/05/10            Hope Sandoval               Whelans           Fri       

7/05/10             Divine Comedy               Sugar Club        Fri    

08/05/10            Ted Leo and the…          Whelans           Sat

10/05/10            Real Estate                   Crawdaddy        Mon

11/05/10            Dinosaur Jr                    Vicar Street       Tuesday

14-16/05/10       Pavement ATP               Minehead          Fri-Sun    *

15/05/10            65 days of Static            Crawdaddy        Sat

20/05/10            Wolf Parade                  Vicar Street       Thurs    *

24/05/10            The Antlers                    Academy          Tues    *

30/05/10            Teenage Fanclub           Academy          Sunday

04/06/10            Band of Horses              Academy          Fri

10/06/10            The Tallest Man             Whelans           Thurs

18/06/10            Turin Brakes                  Whelans           Friday

26/06/10            Middle East                   Sugar Club        Sat

10/07/10            Tortoise                         Whelans           Sat

19/7/10             Kristin Hersh                 Whelans           Mon

28/29/07/10       Bonnie Prince Billy         Whelans           Wed/ Thurs

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  1. Yeah, Tortoise, K Hersh and Bonnie Prince Billy in Whelans over the next few months. At what stage does this start to feel like a 90’s nostalgia tour? All about 28 euro, which is the only annoying part. Have some decisions to make…

  2. Ballroom of Romance
    Lower Deck Rathmines Friday 23/4/10
    9.30 Captain A
    10.10 Yeh Deadlies
    10.50 Large Mound
    11.50 Stoat

  3. Yeah, but his new effort, the Duckworth Lewis method have just been nominated for an Ivan Novello award, with their album about cricket! They’re getting lots of good press, so he dropping DC soon enough! Still, new Diving Comedy album in a few weeks, so i can’t complain!

  4. Glen Hansard is playing the Odessa Club, Dublin on Wednesday 28 April at 8pm. Admission €10 in aid of Maasai Truck Fund.

  5. Is Dans La Sac a new French act? I presume that’s with Scroobius Pip? Is the second album any good? It got very mixed reviews, though that doesn’t necessarily mean so much.

    • Dan had Pip with him, alright! They were in top form. Hardly a mention of the new album though. The new one is ‘alright’ but nothing more, i listened to it about twice, and then forgot about it. I should revisit it.

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