Interview with the Cast of Gladys and The Gutter Stars
 – Dublin Fringe Festival

Interview with the Cast of Gladys and The Gutter Stars

We had the chance to talk to Rachel Gleeson and Cameron Macaulay, who created and star in Gladys and The Gutter Stars as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival. The play is about the music industry and tells the tale of an unusual rock band. You can see the results below.

“It has been a time of soul searching for Gladys and The Gutter Stars. They have stowed themselves away for months in seclusion, working on their hotly anticipated new album. Rumours abound. Some say it will be released on floppy disk. Others, that it consists entirely of whale song. Whatever the case may be, you’re invited to a sneak preview of their work thus far. This performance marks their extremely self-assured step back into the limelight. They’re a phoenix rising from the ashes: majestic, but a bit confused about how they got here.”

September 11 – 17, 2017 @ Smock Alley Theatre Boys School
Created by Cameron Macaulay &  Rachel Gleeson

The play is said to be ‘Part gig, part interview’. Will it follow a mockumentary style?

Rachel Gleeson (R): It’s perhaps less like a mockumentary and more like a real life interview with a not so real band.

How much of a part does music play in the event? How many original songs were written for the piece?

Cameron Macaulay (C): Music plays a significant role I’d say – we have a number of songs interspersed throughout the interview.  We ended up with four original tracks in the piece.

Do you each play musical instruments? What arrangements can we expect?

R: I ashamedly contribute nothing to the musical arrangements other than vocals – Cameron plays electric guitar and sings.  We also make use of some pre-recorded samples.


There seem to be a lot of Gleesons involved in the production, can you explain all the connections or is it just a happy coincidence?

R: That would be half coincidence and half… whatever the opposite of coincidence is!  Kevin Gleeson, our lovely sound designer, is no relation but our costume designer, Emma Gleeson, is admittedly my sister.  She also happens to be very talented!

How would you describe your characters in the play?

R: The characters are both twenty-something, millennial, struggling artists.  I’m a fame-hungry narcissist and Cameron is a hapless, lost soul.

C: Our characters are essentially slightly exaggerated versions of ourselves.

R: Minus the narcissim and haplessness. Hopefully.

The Fringe is an exciting time, with so much on. How do you stand out from the crowd?

R: Well, we always wanted the event to be a little nugget of Fringey joy and silliness.  So this show is perfect for anyone who wants to switch off for an hour, laugh at some awkward strangeness and hear some nice new music!

C: And we’ll have an open bar.

Were either of you ever in a band? If so, what were they called?

C: I was in school – we were called ‘San Salvador.’  None of us had ever been to San Salvador!


Sept 11th – 17th at Smock Alley

Cast: Rachel Gleeson, Cameron  Macaulay & Shane Daniel Byrne

Creative Team: Hanna Bowe ( Associate Designer), Emma Glee son (Costume Design) & KevinGleeson (Sound  Design).







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