Sponsored Article – Heineken Stage Fright

Heineken Stage Fright

STAGE FRIGHT (noun): Acute nervousness associated with performing

The Good people at Heineken have asked us to share their new campaign with you.

The premise is simple, a group of people arrive at an audition, and receive a surprise when they realise they are performing in front of a live audience in a packed theatre. Their expressions are priceless and the results are below!


Heineken today unveils their new video where they tested Irish people’s mettle by inviting them to what they THOUGHT was an intimate casting to showcase their unique talent. Heineken had a much better idea… surprise them with a packed live audience!

The term ‘stage fright’ took a whole new meaning when the walls of the casting lifted up and participants found themselves in a theatre in front of a jam-packed audience —and a moment of panic when they decided whether to perform or run!

From spoon bending to ice sculpturing, the extraordinary talents and the impressive results of the legends’ final task were captured on film and can now be seen in Heineken’s STAGE FRIGHT online video.

Heineken’s latest trickery was inspired by its television advert, Odyssey, which was filmed against the backdrop of a cruise ship, with characters who prove that, given a crab claw, a banister, or even a conga line, Everyone is Legendary at Something!The trusting Irish participants of Stage Fright signed their names up to the unknown after seeing Conor McGregor (MMA Champion), Jennifer Maguire (Radio Broadcaster), and Shane Byrne (former Irish rugby international) reveal their extraordinary hidden talents via the viral online video Heineken Irish Legend Talent Search. Little did they know that they would star in their very own online sensation.


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