So how crap are Beady Eye?

What was the problem with Oasis? Why were they rubbish? I can think of only one answer to this, and that’s the Gallagher brothers. So what would removing one of them do to the band? Well, find out now with Beady Eye.

Andy Bell joined Oasis in 99, when original member bonehead had some sort of fight with the two idiots and ran for the hills. I’ve always liked Andy and was a huge fan of Ride, who were one of the best shoe gaze bands of the nearly 90’s. I’ve often wondered would his influence eventually show up in their music. I  can’t say I’ve noticed, but he did write songs on their later albums I believe, so it was obviously there.

I’d have to say the first 29 seconds (until Liam opens his mouth) are pretty good. If they can find a reason to get rid of the other Gallagher brother, they might be a good band!

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  1. so how crap is this forgotten blog? I see, jealous as fuck.
    At least, learn your own language, “I’ve always likeD”, etc.
    While u’re here wanking, we’re having fun.
    Good luck!

  2. Well, always good to add constructive comments. If you’re being pedantic on language. ‘u’r’ isn’t really a word, but anyhow.

    Andy Bell is great alright, and Ride were a sadly short lived bang, but yes, the Gallagher yowl is pretty unappealing, and the whole Oasis-ish sound becomes dull very quickly. Bring back Mark Gardiner…

  3. i think morgan may have upset Oasis’s (and Man City’s and Milan’s) biggest fan –

    “LiaMilaNoel 🙂 – this M is also an E for England :), ’cause the city of Milano&England have the same flag. Ladies&gentlemen, AC Milan, best team in history, was founded by a group of English&Italians. Milan was recently appointed as the of world fashion. Oasisblues is on the official Oasis site and City official site. contact Marco since 1994 biggest fan, born and always lived in Milan historic centre:

    a quick google shows Marco is all over Beady Eye also…
    morgan, what have you done! 😉

  4. Well, he does have a point, the blog has not achieved as much as Oasis have! I doubt the blog will ever play Slane, or have a number one album. Well, maybe, but i guess it’s unlikely.

    Comeback anytime Marco. All opinions are welcome, even if you think we wank too much!

  5. How much would count as too much? Has that been officially agreed? Also, does wanking not count as fun? That may be an insight, but well, hmm.

    I’m not sure we’re forgotten either, can you forget something that you never knew? We’re indie to Marco’s mainstream.

    If it helps at all, AC are also crap these days, and City is a joke club funded by dodgy cash.

  6. AC are four points clear! City are tainted, but still, I’d love any of their funky money. Wanking counts as fun.

  7. I know this thread is a bit old, but I watched Beady Eye on the Alan Carr show the other night (December 2013) and saw everyone clapping like crazy and thought….have I gone f’ing mad..I mean…is it only me who thinks this band are so incredibly shit. I was so disturbed by this thought that I had a look online to see if other people felt the same way as I did. Thankfully many do. Oasis were and are one of the most over rated bands of all time. They must of written two goodish songs and thats it, so it is no surprise that this is even shitter than they were.

    I write music myself and its a totally enjoyable, fascinating process having your mind open to all sorts of ideas 24-7, some inspired by your natural surroundings, architecture, emotions, visuals such as a memory or movie scene or a piece of art or a smell…even a bloody piece of fabric with a rich colour and texture can inspire an idea for peats sake, so why can’t these people find something that inspires them enough to make them want to dig deep inside and express something f**king real.

    I know it can drive you bonkers being a creative person, no two ways about it. You can get totally obsessed when in that mode and hours fly by and days merge into days and your sense of time goes all over the shop and you do get a masochistic pleasure out of it as you gradually achieve your musical goal, but maybe that is the crux of the problem.

    These people don’t give a shit about anything – thats obvious from their music. They probably aren’t particularly thoughtful or interesting human beings generally and unfortunately a hair do and a parka does not make one creative. You have to have a soul and substance and dig deep into yourself and be humble enough to know when an idea you started isn’t working and abandon it in search for a solution which touches you and the listener much more. You have to love music and it is A NEED which you must to fulfill to a high standard to feel happy. That is key to interesting music of all descriptions. Beady Eye don’t need to do any of this, they just do it because they can and it gets them applause and money and the fact that it is totally undeserving doesn’t seem to bother them at all.


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