Festival of world festivals

You wait six months for a festival and then two come at once!

The DLR Festival of World Cultures is on this weekend (23rd to 25th) in Dunlaoghaire. Its possibly the best free event in Dublin, with a great vibe in the area, and a huge amount to see and do, most of it for free. The headline events include Anima, , the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble among many others. The bigger names are generally pay events, but there’s enough going on, so just go out and have a wander, if you get the chance.

Galways arts festival takes place over a slightly longer period, the 12 to the 25th. There’s a good selection of things going on. In theatre, there’s the bristol old vic’s version of Uncle Vanya, Penelope by Druid and a few others. The visual art section is pretty strong with pieces by Spike Jonze, Alice Maher and Bill Viola. From a music perspective, its pretty weak, with only the ubiquitous Divine Comedy and Josh Ritter being of any real interest.

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  1. Honest review is that its gone slightly too big, and now feels like a full festival, with all the bad points about it, dirt everywhere, lots of drunk people etc.

    Still, its free, and if you do your research, you can find lots of good music at it. You have to take public transport, or else park a while away, and walk to it, as its pretty massive. Thousands of people there.

    Music is quite varied, lots of Irish bands turn up for some reason. The paid events are generally very good quality also. Its well worth going to, but it has hassle factor also. You’d have to wait until baby got a bit older i think!

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