The Free Economy

Another story about someone giving something away. Author Marta Ascota wrote a vampire book for teenagers, but sadly, she wasn’t alone, as that’s what half the world seem to be doing, after buffy the vampire killer, the vampire diaries and twilight. So, she took action, and posted it for free on Scribd. Full story here, but its another case in point of how someone started giving something away, and eventually ended up making money out of it.

The internet has a strange relationship with money, with most people thinking they can get anything on it for free. Its been discussed in many books such as this one.

The Internet, has caused production and distribution costs in many sectors to plummet to an extent unthinkable even a decade ago. The central thesis of the book above is that what was once the  ‘money economy’ will now be the ‘reputation economy’ and the ‘time economy’. As so much information is essentially available for free, we have to decide which ones we value, and will eventually end up giving our money to. Its a different route to the old world economy, but something most new artist and writers have to embrace, if they wish to become known, or to move out of the shadows.

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