Sleigh Bells

Spent a bit of time going through the ‘top 25 albums of the year to date’ on state magazine, and a lot of the names are the ones everyone is going on about, such as Janelle Monae (who seems grand, but not really my world), Joanna Newsome (who i gave out about a few weeks ago on this thing) and more established names such as the National and the Chemical Brothers.

One name that I didn’t know, was Sleigh Bells, and they seem well worth investigating. Lovely vocals and harmonies, good use of samples and a nice funky vibe! I might be hooked.

This is also one of the oddest videos I’ve seen in a long time, I presume its clips from some movie from the 80’s, but no idea what. Can anyone shine a light?

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  1. That’s what i like most out of those end of year lists, is finding the one or two gems, that you missed along the way. As for ‘Strangers with Candy’, I think its down to that actress’s amazing face!

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