The Middle East conflict

Ok, i’m not going to discuss politics, but I am going to discuss another band who’s name is not suited for googling. Why do people do this to themselves? I remember when i first tried to find out information about the National, and i eventually found something on the bottom of page five on google, where all those about were national concert halls and national convention centres and all the rest. I guess its sorted itself as they’ve moved to the top of the google list, but it certainly didn’t help them early doors.

The Middle East play the Sugar Club on Saturday, and come heavily recommended by all and sundry, after a great performance earlier in the year at South by South West. Worth heading along to, if you’re at a loose end.

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  1. At least they don’t have “Fuck” in the name, that’s starting to annoy me a little for the same reason. That said, Fuck Buttons annoy me for all sorts of other reasons, and shouldn’t really just have re-released their first album under a different name and pretended that it was a second album, the buggers.

  2. Yeah, Fuck Buttons suck. Live especially! they are just so bad live. I read a review that said that they just play the tape and dance around a bit, and was delighted to see someone else say it, so its not just me!

    Anyway, stop moving from the point. The Middle East is what i’m talking about. They sound fun! i think i’m going by myself on a saturday night. i think that makes me a nerd!

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