The Ultimate collection

Robert Green officially became an England keeper last night, with that wonderful moment. I was watching it in the Duke, and for some reason, the tv in the corner was about five seconds ahead of our one. i heard a huge cheer, just as i was watching the shot roll towards him! classic stuff really.

Paul Robinson’s is possibly my favourite, as it went down as a Gary Neville own goal, which makes it all the cooler!

Scott Carson’s is of the same school as Rob’s effort, but i think its a bit more exciting, the way it ends up in the top corner!

If i mentioned David james, we’d be here all day, so i’ll leave him alone! Still, it was funny.

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  1. Superb work, an excellent collection. Just watched the highlights of Spain v Switzerland, and Jesus that must have been agony for Spaniards to watch.

  2. All moments to be treasured really! i would feel sorry for them, if they weren’t earning my yearly wage per week!

    I think the Irish team is like the English team in reverse, they have 10 good players and a crap keeper, and we have the opposite!

  3. This is fair, they really are spoiled people. I thought that Rooney’s stupid moan about people booing them was priceless. Really these people have no self awareness at all.

    I’d always fancy Ireland to take England, irrespective of the talent gap – our lads play a very well defined system and run like they really care for the whole 90. The England lads assumed that they’ll be better than the opposition and struggle when they face organised play. Be funny if they get an early flight home…

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