Grace Jones in Airside Retail Park!

Grace Jones plays (yeah) in Swords (huh?) on the 21st and 22nd of July! Pretty cool huh. Well, the venue is a bit odd, but its in this place. I’ve no idea how she ended up there, but i guess she could sell out anywhere, so why not have it in the middle of nowhere. Anyone been there? Ever heard of it? Sounds  a bit left over from the Celtic Tiger.

And now i have an excuse to include a Grace Jones song!

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  1. Never heard of the venue so I had a quick look at the website. Its design is disturbing and the stuff of nightmares. I’m guessing NAMA owns it. Grace Jones would be great to see but from a safe distance….bit scary

  2. Yeah, its a Nama venue alright. Its meant to be filled with VIP rooms and that sort of junk. i’m sure they get a lot of VIP’s in Swords.

    Grace is meant to be amazing live. I’m tempted, but not sure i can face the venue!

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