Divine Comedy – Road Records

The wonderful Neil Hannon did another session in Road Records on Saturday. I didn’t hear about it until about 15 minutes before he was due to start, so didn’t make it in, but there’s a few videos knocking around youtube which are worth a look, especially ‘my lovely horse’ which was very fitting considering it was Eurovision day!

He’s also in conversation with John Kelly (with live performance) at Liberty Hall as part of the writer’s festival on June 4th, that might be worth investigating further. Sounds like an interesting night.

Update: Also… Another in-store i’ve just seen he’s doing is HMV on Grafton Street on Thursday, June 3rd  at 5.30. You’ll have to leave work early!

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  1. Ah, he is a wonderful person to have wandering lose around the city! Shame you couldn’t get to it. They really should enter him in Eurovision with ‘My Lovely Horse’.

  2. He’s done a good bit around the city recently alright, and have to say, I’ve a soft spot for him, so its good to see. Haven’t listened to the new album yet, but have heard good things about it. Lots of people saying its one of his best!

    Won’t make it to HMV on Thursday either, as I’d have to bunk out of work, but there’s a good chance I’ll go on Friday, if i can convince someone to tag along!

    My lovely horse is indeed one of the best eurovision songs never entered!

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