What is it with Joanna Newsome?

Can anyone please explain to me why she is so popular? i think her singing voice sounds like the Sea Hag from Popeye, but maybe i’m being harsh. Who knows.

She’s back in town anyway, and playing the grand canal theatre on the 14th of September. It’ll sell out in seconds, if her last appearance is anything to go by. She played the Olympia about two years ago, and they were sold out before i knew about the gig. I’m strangely tempted to go, regardless of above.

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  1. Yeah, her voice is really freaky. I’m still not sure what i think of her, even after listening to her a decent amount. Some people who like similar music to me rave about her. she’s a looker though, so maybe that’s it.

  2. The woman is completely without appeal – the music is dull, the voice is thoroughly awful. I resent her popularity because it seems so thoroughly unmerited.

  3. Ah, she’s not all bad. i’m just not sure i’ve figured her out yet. she does have a freaky voice, but i generally like freaky voice, so not sure why i don’t like this one! its also very different musical arrangements, so not sure why i don’t like them either.

    i’ll figure her out with time. didn’t but ticket to her this time. they were probably expensive though!

  4. Nope, she’s brutal, I’v stopped trying to see what exactly it is that people think they enjoy about her. Odd doesn’t always mean good! Scout Niblett is much more worthwhile.

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