Few new gigs

Devandra is the same night as Tallest Man on earth, i quietly rage! Decision time. What do you think?

28/04/10               Glen Hansard             Odessa Club         Wed

23/05/10             Villagers                        Button Factory    Sunday

10/06/10            Devnadra Banhart            Button Fact       Thurs

26/06/10            Middle East                   Sugar Club        Sat

2/07/10             Mountain Man                Crawdaddy        Fri

31/7/10             Leonard Cohen              Sligo (Road trip!)            Sat

1/08/10             Leonard Cohen              Sligo                 Sun

24/08/10            Beirut                            Tripod               Tues

8/11/10              Grant Lee Philips            Sugar Club        Mon

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  1. Its some place with Yeats connections and is all very arty, and he fancies himself as a poet after all!

    • It’s home to some of the country’s finest musicians. And yes, I’m completely biased 🙂

      • they’re all expecting it to be a complete disaster actually, there’s only one road up to it supposedly, so expect barbra streisand style reports on joe duffy the following day!

  2. Are we counting Westlife as musicians? Where are they hosting it? When I saw him here it was in the car park of some huge Mercedes showroom out in the middle of nowhere (well, Weybridge), which was a very odd venue indeed. All seated too, which was almost weirder.

  3. How tall is this tallest man? Is it safe for him to fly? Does he have an act or does he just parade around?

  4. He’s a bit of a sham really. i don’t think he’s much over 5′ 10″! I’m surprised he hasn’t been reported to some type of consumer rights organisation. He does sing well though, which i guess makes up for it.

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